Our Story

Tribal Rugs Centre is a Hong Kong-based handmade carpets company founded in 1967 by Qaisir Khan. Qaisir acquired the experience in this art form by keenly observing and learning from; shepherds, wool shearers, wool dyers and weavers along with a gusto for travel and discovering artistic subcultures.Tribal Rugs Centre curates distinct art experiences that tell a story about a particular time, place or culture, while celebrating the different methods and processes of handmade carpets.

In February 2022, Tribal Rugs Centre were awarded the best company in the CARPET/RUG category at the Expat Living Group, Hong Kong. Transparent pricing, dedicated passion and professional advice led us to the being the best in Hong Kong.

Qaisir Khan

Tribal Rugs Centre was founded in the winters of 1967, becoming one of the oldest handmade carpets business in Hong Kong. Qaisir, a Pashtun from the north-west of Pakistan, started off with humble beginnings. The North-West of Pakistan, where carpets are a staple decoration item in every household. One thing that has always fascinated Qaisir, was how people combine and make beautiful art pieces. He always had the love for these marvels moreover, the composition of the process is what enhances the depth of his love towards this art form.

Qaisir set up his business here in Hong Kong, which is home to him now. Having seen all phases of life in Hong Kong, he is a proud Hong Konger and continues to contribute to her through his experiences attained over the past 5 decades. Qaisir is passionate about different cultures from this beautiful planet. In his free time, he enjoys listening to classical music of the subcontinent. Enjoys Muhammad Ali fights and a huge Diego Maradona fan.

After completing his education from the United Kingdom, Adnan ventured into the job market of Hong Kong, at the same time was in close proximity with his father, Mr Qaisir Khan and his business.With his educational background, he leaned on reading about this artform. He reads about the basics and details of carpet making. He stay within reach of all latest trends in order to comprehend a customer’s requirement.“Understanding a customer’s requirement is the most important element especially when it comes to decoration.” Once I was asked, what do you do for a living, to which I replied, “We make homes beautiful!”

Adnan Khan